Thursday, February 26, 2009

Response to: Facebook and the Future of User Generated Governance

It’s been a big day for news related to Facebook and its user base. I already blogged about a great article by Marshall Kirkpatrick over at ReadWriteWeb, and now I’m adding to the comments of Brian Solis who addresses this issue from a completely different perspective:

“I for one am excited about bringing the user directly into the governance process. In Facebook’s instance, I believe this has been happening reactively in increasing measure over the last 12 months. Facebook acts, the user reacts, and the process refines and moves on – probably not in the way Facebook originally thought, certainly subject to loud vocalization, but definitely in a direction that is ultimately good for the user base.

A more involved user base can change the reactive nature of this beast to a proactive partnership – good for all. However, this same principal applied to technological leadership and innovation can have an adverse effect. Any good developer will tell you that it is foolish to ignore the target audience, but every great developer will also espouse the benefit of solitary brilliance. Ultimately, the best solutions from the technological perspective find that balance between good and great, between audience participation and singular inspiration.

Hopefully, Facebook will find the balance in all of these areas. I for one am hopeful.”

Steve Repetti

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