Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Scrapplet and xWinLib Announce Support for Apple’s New Safari Release

Apple computer today released a beta of their terrific browser, Safari, for both Windows and the Mac. Jason Biggs over at TechCrunch talks about it in his article “Safari 4: finally a reason to come back” and references the significant feature list and press release from Apple.

In my opinion, this is a really big deal and hopefully a sign of things to come. This is more than an incremental release and brings to Windows users a powerful and sexy alternative to IE, Firefox, and the other browsers. My initial reaction to the new Safari is: WOW! And. I say this for a couple of reasons: first, it really is sexy and follows the Apple mantra of easy to use. But, more importantly to me and the users of Scrapplet and xWinLib technologies, it works great and is fast!

As many of you know Scrapplet and xWinLib are extremely advanced browser-based applications/technologies that seek to normalize the complexities of the different browsers available today across a variety of platforms. As such, I am always interested in new developments in browser products and technologies and in particular I want to know if compatibility is seamlessly tied to innovation. I am delighted to say that the engineers at Apple have done a terrific job in both areas as Safari 4 works flawlessly with both Scrapplet and xWinlib-based applications. It installed easily, fired up, and in seconds I was dragging and dropping content, mashing up everything from all over the web.

Now, if Apple could just implement a world-class plugin infrastructure and object repository…

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