Monday, August 31, 2009

OpenAjax Hub 2.0 Released, xWinLib and Scrapplet provide advanced integration

Today, the OpenAjax Alliance ( formally announced the new version 2.0 of the OpenAjax Hub. Their press release even included a quote by me:

"The new OpenAjax Hub 2.0 provides a comprehensive enterprise-grade solution for secure widget interoperability," said Steve Repetti, CEO/CTO, RadWeb Technologies. "OpenAjax Hub 2.0 is the glue that binds distributed objects and applications together in a trusted environment."
For those of you not familiar with the OpenAjax Hub, it is a powerful collection of technologies that enables secure interaction and communications between widgets, applications, and mashups. It's a great way for web objects to co-exist in this increasingly dynamic and real-time web. Both xWinLib and Scrapplet have OpenAjax Hub integration.

xWinLib (, the cross browser windowing and web application library, includes enhanced support of the OpenAjax Hub by adding direct integration with all xWinLib-created browser windows and objects. This lets web elements automatically discover each other and communicate using the Hub. For example, RSS feeds can automatically update reader panes, even though neither has direct knowledge of the other; likewise text links can automatically render map and database information in separate widgets, panels, and web pages with their only association being interaction via the Hub.

An added level of advanced support is also provided. xWinLib uses the standard OpenAjax Hub communications engine as a delivery mechanism for extended messaging within the windowing environment. This includes the automatic delivery of enhanced messaging information thereby making real-time distributed communications even easier.

Scrapplet, the social aggregation website (, includes OpenAjax Hub support and goes a significant level further by adding a powerful yet simple interface to the standard and extended implementation. Web objects can easily “publish” and “subscribe” to each other and automatically share events and other information over the integrated Hub. Check-box simplicity is combined with automated code generation and a host of other tools, pre-defined objects, and other resources.

For more details and to play in the OpenAjax Playground on Scrapplet:

- Main OpenAjax page
- OpenAjax Playground
- Documented Examples

Here’s the press release that just came out:

- OpenAjax Alliance Delivers Software for More Secure Enterprise Mashups

--Steve Repetti