Sunday, April 26, 2009

Twitter takes a bullet and we should all say thanks to them and others!

This weekend, Marshall Kirkpatrick over at ReadWriteWeb wrote an awesome article entitled: “How the OAuth Security Battle Was Won, Open Web Style” wherein he described a critical real-world issue that was confronted and resolved by real people working together in extraordinary ways. The story is timely, frankly amazing, and demonstrates the power that a few dedicated individuals can have over things that are important to us all.

One of the principals of this story, Chris Messina, said to me:

“@Steve: would love concrete proposals on how to improve the process. As this was the first time many of us had to respond to something like this, we're looking for solid ideas on how to make improvements. I'll look forward to your real-world advice!”

My response to this was:

“@fatoryjoe, aka Chris M. : for “making this up as you go” everyone did awesome! Identify the problem, contain the damage, embrace assistance, hunker down, envision a solution, execute the plan, communicate strategically, implement, follow-up, and then cross your fingers! (and be prepared to do it all again!) DAMN IMPRESSIVE!”

“The trick going forward will be how to timely include those that can help without jeopardizing the confidentiality and time-sensitive nature of the (next) issue at hand. In this most recent incidence it is hard to imagine how things could have been handled better, but there are also lots of folks that would help on a moments notice…and that provides a powerful resource not often found in the commercial world.”

“Open platforms continue to blaze new trails and I look forward to the continued conversations that reinforce the leadership position that these technologies and supporting communities deserve.”

If you take a few minutes to read Marshall’s story about all of this, you will quickly realize how much so few contributed to the well being of so many -- and how important Twitter's role in all of this was. This is a trend this world can and should embrace, and I for one look forward to lending my hands to these good folks and worthy causes in any way possible.

Oh, and, by the way, if you ever felt/feel frustrated about Twitter – just remember, they took a bullet for all of us this past week and that earns their respect in my book!

Steve Repetti

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