Friday, November 22, 2013

The Future of Startup Capital is in Resource Partnerships

[My response to a post, "Why Startups are Leaving Nashville"]

I believe that the VC and upper capital markets across the country are in transition. Likewise, the capital needs and timing issues of tech entrepreneurs are changing. They need less, but quicker, and without distraction. Long capital raise processes that distract from operations and business validations are death.

But for all too long those with capital fell into one of two categories: either they operated by themselves as an island, or they were part of a good-ol’ boy network – neither of which effectively recognizes the larger startup eco-system.

The reality is that the biggest thing a startup or growth-stage company needs is “continuity of resources”. This includes capital, but also includes so much more. Early stage companies need resource partners. Ones that allow them to focus on operation, validation, and growth without the distraction caused from running out of resources, whatever the resource may be.

Wouldn’t it be cool if an end-to-end network of capital and more emerged to provide real resource partnerships so that every company that deserved capital never went without? (ok, that might be a reach, but it sure as heck is am awesome direction)

Without giving away the secret, the best thing I can say is “stay tuned Nashville”, there are some really big things happening directly related to this discussion in all of the South East – anchored by Nashville and resources in between, all the way down to the tip of Florida. This is not occurring because of outsiders coming in, or insiders stepping up… rather because of ALL OF THIS and recognition by like-minded folks of the opportunity that results from truly supporting the talent resources around us.

--Steve Repetti
CrunchFire Ventures

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