Friday, July 24, 2009

Here's to those mean and despised open source nut-case curmudgeons!

Open Software advocate Chris Messina pondered the other day if he was getting too harsh in his old age (yeah right!) in a post entitled “When all I seem to do is bitch, bitch, bitch”
He was caught up in an interesting debate regarding, what else, open source, and said:

"It would seem as though I’ve become one of those mean and despised open source nut-case curmudgeons with nothing nice to say. How soon we forget the lessons our mothers taught us."

The post is awesome, heartfelt, and insightful; and the comments themselves are quite revealing. Here was my response:

"Bitch, bitch, bitchin is our God-given right! But it doesn’t always get us the results we intended. Sure, we may feel better about it at the moment, but all too often it invokes regret and two aspirin in the morning.

"Yet sometimes that is exactly what the world needs — smack-down, called to the mat, black ‘n blue upside the face, called-me-out-cause-I-deserve-it bitchin’!!!!
Still, that crazy balance of life often let’s us accomplish even more with tact and being polite; or better yet: tactful politeness.

"Balance. I suspect as time goes on that you, Chris, will increasingly weild that balance like a sword — to all of our benefit!!!! Bitchin’ included!

"Keep on rockin’ dude!"

Bottom line: don’t stop what your doing just because you stir up the muck. All too often it needs to be stirred, and we always need people willing to step knee deep in the mire for the benefit of the masses!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Steve — I won't be turning down the passion-level I've got for openness, but I do think that sometimes it's worth reconsidering the effectiveness of one's tactics if they prove to be more reactionary than inspired.

If anything, taking a "kindler, gentler approach" will be an experiment in efficacy — I'll keep tabs on how it goes and failing to see new progress, maybe I'll go back to my miserly ways. ;)