Monday, June 8, 2009

Kwicks Concept Extended and Enhanced in xWinLib, Support for Floating Menus Added

I really like the Kwicks menuing system that is available for MooTools and JQuery, but I wanted even more flexibility and the ability to integrate it into the xWinLib windowing library. So, an exercise in 176 lines of code got me the following:

  • Support for horizontal and vertical menus
  • Sliding menus can be absolutely or relatively positioned
  • Support for floating sliding menus
  • Multiple menus can co-exist within a single page
  • Menu "tabs" can be different sizes
  • Auto-scale within specific width or height
  • Customizable animation settings
  • Auto-open to any tab
  • Tabs open by rollovers or clicks
  • Override custom class and style attributes
  • Works with Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • Requires Javascript
  • Less than 1.5k gzip payload

Here’s the link to the demo page with full source code provided:

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