Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MashupCamp 2008

Yesterday, we introduced DistroMash to the mashup community here in Mountain View, CA at the MashupCamp 2008 conference put on by David Berlind & company. It's a great feeling to get the kind of positive response that we did from developers and other industry insiders.

DistroMash uses RadWebTech's browser-based windowing and container technology (xWinLib and WebCapsulate) and combines them using Scrapplet as the presentation layer and administration console.

After 5 speed-geeking sessions, multiple chalk talks, and conversations with hundreds of techies, my voice has almost recovered -- just in time for a presentation today about DataPortability and more cool RadWebTech technology!

Kudos to Dave, Greg, Angela, and Elizabeth (along with parent company TechWeb) for a job well done...and, two more days still to go! Stay tuned!!!

See all the goings on at the MashupCamp website.

(The only thing missing from all of this is my wife, who was unable to attend this time [bummer, miss you!])

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